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Privacy Policy

Mesh Hair Spa Privacy Policy

Mesh Hair Spa respects and safeguards the personal information of our clients and partners. This is in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).


All information collected by Mesh Hair Spa is to provide better services to you. We collect personal information from you, including your contact details, as part of our booking process.


We will treat your personal information as private and confidential.

We hold it in a secure environment and will only use or disclose it for purposes related to your care and treatment. Should we need to disclose it to a third party, we will not do so without your permission.


At times we may ask your permission to photograph your hairstyle or makeup for the purposes of updating our portfolio. There is no obligation to take part if you do not wish to.


For further information about how Mesh Hair Spa helps safeguard your privacy, or if you wish to update your details, please contact us at info@meshhair.com.au.

Disclaimer: Mesh Hair Spa prepares the information on our website and social media channels in good faith to assist you in evaluating our services, and to enhance your experience of those services.